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Genetic Trainer Branding


The Genetic Trainer system was designed by Mr. Altan ÖZTEPE, international bodybuilding coach and fitness coach, and Dr. Hakan BERKIL, Doctor of Genetics.Grace to the technology and science of genetics, creating this The aim of the system was to complement the shortcomings of science in the field of sport and to enable Turkish sport to reach a better level.

The Genetic Trainer system gave life to a new era of work and reflection. In a short time, it has been recognized internationally and is already in use.

In 2015, the Turkish Ministry of Tourism and Culture put under protectorate and registered this system as a Turkish scientific work. Dr. Hakan BERKIL and Mr. Altan OZTEPE are the first to record and track genetic profiles under the type of passport (Genetic Passport).

The current duo is also producing work on the Genetic medical passport project, with the aim of detecting diseases likely to occur at birth and even to discover them during a pregnancy.